Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kdrama Updates: I Need Romance 2012

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Now on to the good stuff! I've recently been watching this 2008 weekend drama called City of Glass/Glass Castle on S One HD and have fallen mad head over heels for the main actor, Lee Jin Wook. Anyhoodles, I looked for a more recent Korean drama with the same actor and found this instead! I Need Romance 2012 - which is the second installment of this series. It also helps that Kim Ji Suk stars in this one too. =D

It's sort of a bit like Sex and the City - the ups and downs of thriving 30-somethings who have been besties forever. I started out by reading the first episode recap over at Dramabeans, found more at Kaedejun's, tested out the waters and got hooked! Watching the drama is 100% better than reading the recap unlike some kdramas which are probably better off read than watched (case in point - Big). I also really like keeping up with the plots for Ghost and Gaksital but I like watching fluff better.

City of Glass (2008) has a kinda cheesy poster. Hahaha!

LJW's acting is also a lot better than City of Glass, which is probably unfair to make comparisons, since I Need Romance 2012 is a short trendy drama on a cable station (not KBS, SBS or MBC), who are more flexible and likely to be artsy. City of Glass on the other hand, was a weekend drama, which means 50++ episodes, a lower budget, and lots of trivial plot lines whose other characters often induce me to leave the TV screen to do other things, then have me jump on the sofa when the more exciting bits come about.

A Pink's Eunji is a rabid H.O.T. fan in Answer Me 1997!

I am also eyeing Answer Me 1997/Reply 1997 which sounds flippin' fantastic and can't wait to try it out as soon as I have time! Seo In Gook, Eun! Ji! Won! and A Pink's Eun Ji stars in this one. (Btw, off-topic but I find A-Pink's aong Bubibu strangely hypnotizing...)

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