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Kdrama Updates: I Need Romance 2012

Hello long-forsaken blog!

Now on to the good stuff! I've recently been watching this 2008 weekend drama called City of Glass/Glass Castle on S One HD and have fallen mad head over heels for the main actor, Lee Jin Wook. Anyhoodles, I looked for a more recent Korean drama with the same actor and found this instead! I Need Romance 2012 - which is the second installment of this series. It also helps that Kim Ji Suk stars in this one too. =D

It's sort of a bit like Sex and the City - the ups and downs of thriving 30-somethings who have been besties forever. I started out by reading the first episode recap over at Dramabeans, found more at Kaedejun's, tested out the waters and got hooked! Watching the drama is 100% better than reading the recap unlike some kdramas which are probably better off read than watched (case in point - Big). I also really like keeping up with the plots for Ghost and Gaksital but I like watching fluff better.

City of Glass (2008) has a kinda cheesy poste…