Wednesday, September 26, 2012

K-drama Updates! (September 2012)

I really adore S One TV Asia. They choose such addictive family dramas! These span oh-so-many episodes but they're like crack. I'm vaguely watching Glass Castle and Bride of the Sun still, though Bride of the Sun will be ending soon me thinks. Thank bejeebus, that thing has more than 100 episodes!

 Bride of the Sun (left); Glass Castle (right)

Glass Castle on the other hand, I peeked at spoilers (I just had to!) and I'm not sure I want to keep watching  it anymore. It hardly ever budges anyway, and at episode 40, Min Joo still hasn't divorced Joon Sung even though they mentioned her divorce in the general synopsis of the drama. Like wth, with 11 more episodes to go, you'd think they would have done it much earlier on and I wouldn't have to listen to her barmy mother-in-law bossing her around. Igeddit. Marrying into a chaebol family isn't as perfect as it sounds. *rant*

But S One TV Asia, do you know horrible it is to listen to Malay dubbed dramas? And it would be nice to have an option to choose English subtitles. *grumble* Thank you though for recently adding Definitely Neighbours!

One small thing niggling at me. It is HORRIBLY difficult to find DVD boxsets of daily dramas in Malaysia. Are they available online? Because they usually only sell the short trendy dramas at DVD stores.

My current love is: Definitely Neighbours (SBS)! It has an Ojakgyo Brothers feel to it. Also known as My Ex and the Neighbour, I'm currently lovin' this 2010 feel good daily drama but because of my work hours, watching it would mean staying up till midnight. *blink blink* I'll work it out. I think I see Han Chae Ah (Gaksital), Shin Sung Rok (3 Dads, 1 Mom), the evil mother from You Are Beautiful, the pretty ahjumma from the movie Sunny and a bevy of other familiar ahjummas and ahjusshis.

More on Definitely Neighbours later!

This pairing is super adorable!

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