Wednesday, September 26, 2012

K-movie: Fortunetellers (2012)

Yesss!! It's finally coming out!! I really liked Lee Je Hoon in Fashion King and I even watched The Front Line for him (argh, war movies). Also known as Ghost Sweepers, this movie is about a motley band of fortunetellers that deal with the mystic and paranormal (and one nerdy reporter lady), who stumble upon a strange town where they must unravel the mystery behind it.

I'm not just anticipating it for the pretty but also because it looks like a cross between Jeon Woochi (for the fantasy theme and magical fight sequences) and Chilling Romance (for the comedy mixed with the ghosties). Get more details here at Asianwiki, they should also have the trailer with English subtitles. Fingers crossed that it's good! Am also dying to watch The Thieves!

Just sharin' the pretty!

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