Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lee Jun Ki in Arang & the Magistrate

This is pretty much the main reason I'm watching Arang & The Magistrate. LEE! JUN! KI! Never saw the appeal in his previous works but he can definitely work the Korean traditional/sageuk wear! Especially the magistrate uniform *swoon*. King & the Clown is not counted because he looks a bit feminine there with his long beautiful hair. Thank goodness for Korean military service! ^_____^

Plus his onscreen chemistry with Shin Min Ah, the mystical immortal being/ex-ghost is electric! *brain explosion*  Slated for 20 episodes, this should be a fun ride, especially if you liked My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I noticed a lot of Kdramas inserting a lot of fantasy/supernatural element these days (e.g. Dr Jin, Faith, Secret Garden, 49 Days, Big, Vampire Prosecutor, Ohlala Spouses, Who Are You)? Maybe trying to break out from the same old tropes?

I think Dramabeans and Ockoala are recapping this, so I have something to read before fansubs come out. I really hope One TV Asia will pick this one up (as well as Reply 1997). The only trendy dramas they're showing now are Faith/The Great Doctor and To The Beautiful You, neither of which I'm interested in watching.

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