Saturday, October 13, 2012

New Girl is back for Season 2!

Guess who's back for a second season??!! It's JESS! It's probably not the best or smartest comedy out there but what can I say? I love these guys. (^_______^) I know this is probably old news since we're now 4 episodes in already...

Season 2 brings a little more to our plates, with Jess losing her kindergarten teacher job and Schmidt getting his penis cast off after his accident last season. On the relationship angle, Cee Cee appears to have a new boyfriend named Robbie while Winston and Shelby have passed the honeymoon phase. What I do love about this season is that I heard Nick and Jess are like the new Ross and Rachel but I suppose they're saving it for another time. Pleaseletitbethisseason.

Pure escapism bliss!

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