Friday, December 21, 2012

Baek Ah Yeon's Daddy Long Legs

I love this song off the soundtrack of the currently airing drama Cheongdamdong Alice starring Moon Geun Young and Park Shi Hoo. The drama itself is steadily becoming more and more addictive every week, something I never would have thought would happen with a MGY drama. It must be because of PSH's magic. Out of all the dramas this season, I ended up liking this one. :)

Baek Ah Yeon is fast becoming one my most favorite South Korean ballad singers. Her song Sad Song is also worth a listen. At only 19 years old, this Kpop Star finalist signed with JYP entertainment and is known for her pure singing voice. I'm looking forward to more music from Baek Ah Yeon! (Is it me or are all the really awesome female ballad singers' names start with Baek?)

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