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Music Review: Block B (Album: Blockbuster)

Block B sort of flew under my radar after I watched one of their early music videos, Tell Them, where I wasn't such a big fan of Zico's (their leader) dreadlocks which he apparently sheared off in remorse after an unfortunate incident during an interview in Thailand where the boys unwittingly made light of a serious situation that had occurred in Thailand at the time. The rap/hiphop genres were also not really my thing back then but I like to think that I have become more benevolent since then.

I must say that with their album Blockbuster, I nearly did not recognize these boys. I've been listening to the album EVERY DAY for the last 3 weeks and I'm still not tired of it. In fact, their band's name, Block B, is derived from the word Blockbuster. What drew me to them was really their performance of Nilili Mambo where they were utilizing a 'pirate concept' which totally blew me off my feet. Who knew all it took was a telescope and some hefty doses of swagger?

Top 10 Signs You're An Adult (Malaysian Version)

Inspired by Thought Catalog. In no particular order:

10. All of a sudden, everyone is talking about EPF, insurance, credit cards and other personal finance lingo.

You get a job. That's the easy part. After that, you get constant calls from telemarketers about insurance, you actually WANT to check your EPF statement every year, having a credit card becomes a necessity and you learn about the atrocity and horror of TAXES.

9. You start receiving wedding invitations from people your age.

Is bleeping everyone trying to get married before they turn 27? Are my ovaries going to shrivel up and die before I'm 30? If you are lucky enough to have met your soulmate early, that's fantastic and I am truly happy for you. But if you're just rushing into it just because everybody else is, let's hope you're prepared for the consequences. Then comes the baby rush. 0_0

8. Your friends start purchasing their own car/apartment.

This is when you start realizing that having a nice, stable…