Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 10 Signs You're An Adult (Malaysian Version)

Inspired by Thought Catalog. In no particular order:

10. All of a sudden, everyone is talking about EPF, insurance, credit cards and other personal finance lingo.

You get a job. That's the easy part. After that, you get constant calls from telemarketers about insurance, you actually WANT to check your EPF statement every year, having a credit card becomes a necessity and you learn about the atrocity and horror of TAXES.

9. You start receiving wedding invitations from people your age.

Is bleeping everyone trying to get married before they turn 27? Are my ovaries going to shrivel up and die before I'm 30? If you are lucky enough to have met your soulmate early, that's fantastic and I am truly happy for you. But if you're just rushing into it just because everybody else is, let's hope you're prepared for the consequences. Then comes the baby rush. 0_0

8. Your friends start purchasing their own car/apartment.

This is when you start realizing that having a nice, stable (AND BORING) job in the government might not be such a bad idea after all. Car of your dreams? F-yea! Your own personal space away from the crazy family? Double f-yea!

7. You start appreciating older music, rather than the dubstep, auto-tuned crap on the radio.

The 90s suddenly become a beautiful memory. Even though the fashions might have been a li'l crazy in the 90s (re: Spice Girls), you see everything through rose-colored glasses. Midriff baring tops and low slung bell bottoms. Groovy! Men who can never seem to wear pants that don't fall off their asses and spiky bleached hair? Well, nevermind. Some things are best left behind in the 90s.

6. You start thinking old people holding hands are cute!

AWWWWWWWWW....... Suddenly finding someone you can grow old with becomes a BIG THING. When you see elderly couples who look like they're still on their honeymoon, you feel all warm and gooey inside. You also become extra nice to the elderly, because you know how you want to be treated when the years grow on you.

5. You start worrying about your health and skin.

That ache in your knee? Osteoporosis! Drink more milk! Your back hurts? A slipped disc! A cough that won't go away fast enough? OMAIGAT, I'm turning into an old goat! AND IS THAT A NEW WRINKLE? Then in comes the moisturizer, undereye, night creams, anti-ageing serums and so on.

4. During Chinese New Year/Christmas/etc., your relatives start asking when you are going to get married.

I know I'm probably a li'l too old in their eyes to still receive angpows, especially when they know you're working already. During other big celebrations, your relatives just can't waaaaait to meet your current boyfriend. Man, I never had this problem when I was in school. Sometimes they even shove 'nice boys' at you.

3. You start having serious conversations with other 'adults'.

The adults feel that you don't just have to talk to the young'uns anymore and you are bestowed certain privileges. You are now eligible to join in their conversations and share your thoughts regarding the fascinating world of politics, religion and workplaces. Zzzzzzz...

 2. Kids start calling you Uncle/Auntie.

HORRORS. I am no longer able to get away with Big Sister/Kakak/Jie Jie any longer. It's all "Auntie this and Auntie that..." (@_@) Yes, since I am probably more than 10 years older than them, it is perfectly reasonable for them to call me that, yet it doesn't sting any less.

1. You start to think picking furniture/hardware is fun!

Admittedly, I still find furniture shopping rather boring. However, slowly but surely, browsing through household products have gotten a whole lot more interesting rather than the younger me who just runs straight to the sugary goods and begs for snacks.

AUNTIE ALERT! There goes my youth.

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