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Music Time: Ok Bah Kalau Kau

Let's end February with something a little different! I don't usually do this but a Sabahan song has caught my attention this time. The song is called Ok Bah Kalau Kau (Okay If It's You) by Enoch Cosmic (also Aki Nabalu). The song is about forgiving someone for almost anything just because that person is special to the other. I think. Very simple lyrics and quite nice on the ears, although it sounds a Tapi ok bah kalau kau... :)


Meski pun itu suatu pedoman,
meski pun kau tahu tapi kau buat alasan,
ok bah kalau kau...

meski pun ini semua terjadi,
suatu hari ku tahu kau akan insafi,
ok bah kalau kau...

meski pun itu suatu tragedi,
meski pun kau tahu tapi kau tak peduli,
meski pun itu satu memori bahagia..

meski pun itu satu melodi,
meski pun kau tahu tapi kau lupa diri,
meski pun ini bukan fantasi bahagia..

ok bah kalau kau...

Verse 2:
meski pun itu satu cobaan,
meski pun kau tahu pasti kau lakukan,
ok bah kalau kau..


A Short Story By A 16-year-old Me

Stumbled on this short story written when I was sixteen after the story came to me when I was going about the business of falling asleep. Here it is, in all its raw glory (with some minor corrections), dated 19th June 2004.

Blue Eyes The sun had gone down and the moon had replaced it in the sky, laying rest its gentle moonbeams one particular hillside. Under the branches of a willow tree, a man lay lazily stretched out on the sweet-smelling grass. It had been a long day at work and his tie was in his pocket and he was staring dejectedly at the sky. His house was some ways down the hill but he wasn't yet ready to face his hectic household. It was then that it him, right on his cheek.Rubbing his sore cheek, he picked up whatever it was and peered closely at it. The object was hard and smooth but oddly enough, it glowed as bright as the moon that night. Of all the rocks he had come across, none was quite as strange as this one.As he pondered on it, he realized with a start that someon…

Lee Je Hoon to Belt Some Notes for Paparotti!

How cute is this piece of news? Everybody's favorite actor gone for military service, Lee Je Hoon, is acting as a gangster who wants to sing! Jang Ho (Lee Je Hoon) has a talented voice, but because of his poor family background, he became a gang member. Nevertheless, Jang Ho still likes to sing and desperately wants to become a singer. He enlists the help of Sang Jin (Han Suk Kyu) who used to be a well regarded performer in Italy, but is now a music teacher at a local high school in a small city. He's not the most passionate of teachers. Kang So Ra plays Sook Hee, a classmate who has a crush on Jang Ho. 
This movie is based on the true story of Kim Ho Joong, who first appeared on Korean TV Show, Star King, on July 18, 2009. During the program, Kim Ho Joong surprised people with his vocal abilities and also made people cry because of his back ground story. He grew up as a troubled kid who joined gangs, but because of his grandmother he began to sing in earnest. Stills and the …

J-dorama: Orange Days (2004)

Picked up this drama a week ago after I realized it was sitting in my hard disk. I have heard of this drama and it seems to have achieved cult status with lovers of this genre. It should have been right up my alley but since I mostly watch kdramas, I didn't have a lot of time for jdoramas. I discovered that it is quite a charming drama that most university graduates or students on the brink of graduation can relate to. The screenshot above pretty much captures the dilemma of these university students.

For starters, Dramawiki tells me that Kai Yuuki (Satoshi Tsumabuki) is in his senior year at university studying social welfare psychology. At present, he is in the middle of job-hunting season. He is finding it difficult with no job offers so far. One day, he meets a girl who is playing violin in the campus. She is Sae Hagio (Kou Shibasaki). In marked contrast to her beautiful tone and attractive looks, her personality is somewhat impertinent. And to top it off, she communicates thr…

Just That Kind Of Day

Love listening to Augustana when I'm in one of my more pensive moods. 
Vertical Horizon, Nickleback, The Script, The Fray and Young The Giant are good too. 
But today I'm feeling more of Boston (Augustana).

Just me.

And my thoughts.
Where do I go from here?

Celebrity Spotlight: Natassia Malthe

Stumbled on this actress in a list of celebrities with different multi-ethnicities on IMDB. What actually drew my attention was that she was half-Malaysian! Her mother is from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Just another gorgeous and talented lady from the Land Below The Wind. (e.g. Daphne Iking, Mia Palencia, Nikki Palikat, Che'nelle, Stacy, Marsha, Linda, Joanna Rampas, Chloe Majimbon etc.)
Natassia Malthe, is a Norwegian model/actress and she is 39 years old (birth year 1974)! She is probably more famous for her lip-lock in Elektra with Jennifer Garner. I'm not sure if anyone remembers but there used to be trailers for a non-existent TV show called Scarlet which was actually an ad for LG television sets in 2008. I remembered it because it annoyed the heck outta me because I wanted to watch that 'show'! Well, she was actually the kick-ass lady running away from assassins and explosions in that one. Her filmography is mostly filled with a lot of TV shows and movies in the sci-…

Diana Wynne Jones Quotes

After reading some of the fan posts in dwj2012's Tumblr, I've decided to take on a mini-project. To start off, this mini-project will probably never end as long as I still love reading the books by this author. I want to list down the quotes from the various DWJ books I have read or own, in loving memory of Diana Wynne Jones' passing on the 26th of March 2011.
To start off, here are a few random but meaningful DWJ quotes from Tumblr. I hope I will be dedicated enough to finish this task! :)

New Girl: Jess & Nick

Like many viewers who love this 30-minute show, I have shipped Nick and Jess, the oddball housemates from Day One. So when Episode 16 (Season 2) decided to spring this on us after bringing back dreamboat Sam, I was punching the air!!

After enduring all Jess' romantic failures: from nerdy Justin Long and overly-mature Dermot Mulroney to dreamy doctor Jake Walton, I can now breathe a sigh of contentment! I wonder what this will mean for their other housemates-Schmidt and Winston? I actually haven't watched episodes 13-16 but now I have the will to continue!

Connie Wonnie's Comics!

I previously posted one of her cartoons here. If you are no stranger to her works, you would know that she usually posts one cartoon a day. I love her more thoughtful works and her Single Girl cartoons are as what Barney would call - Legendary!

Exhibits A, B and C!

Her cartoons really make my day and I also love re-reading my favorites! SO. MANY. FEELS. 
Read more of these at her website,!

Boob Tube: Underemployed

Just started on a few episodes of Underemployed based on recommendations from my friend Melissa. Here are a few thoughts after about 8 episodes of this MTV drama that runs about 45 minutes per episode.

Firstly, a brief note about the story's background. Basically, the story runs around the lives of a group of 20-somethings who think that after graduation, wow, I'm gonna be someone amazing! Fast forward a year later, they end up very much like a lot of graduates out there - scraping by with starter jobs, internships and part-time jobs. One aspires to be a writer but works in a donut shop (Michelle Ang), another wants to be a top model (Diego Boneta) but gets underwear gigs for older ladies, another writes songs but gets waylaid in the process (Inbar Lavi), another is forced to grow up and get a desk job (Jared Kusniz) while another is stuck as an intern in an advertising company (Sarah Habel).

While looking up the show, I discovered that Michelle Ang's parents were Malaysi…

Drama Crack: Flower Boy Next Door [TVN]

Mondays and Tuesdays just got terribly exciting! I started watching the first few episodes and that time I still could wait patiently for subs. After a few episodes, I started reading recaps and raws. By episode 7 & 8, I was waiting for live recaps on kdrama forums. Okay, I am that ballistic about this TVN drama. And guess what tomorrow is Monday!

This drama just hits all the right notes with me so far! It has a lovely music score and even though it's not a huge production but the people are relatable (is that a real word?), even if they are a little over the top! I especially like the song that Park Shin Hye sings (it sounds like her voice) in Episodes 3 and 7 but it hasn't been released yet. TVN just keeps producing a lot of dramas that are right up my street these days, what with Reply 1997 and I Need Romance 2.

My favorite characters have got to be Enrique Geum, Go Dok Mi and Oh Jin Rak. I secretly love Do Hwi too because that woman is hilarious! Even if she was a bi…