Sunday, February 03, 2013

Boob Tube: Underemployed

Just started on a few episodes of Underemployed based on recommendations from my friend Melissa. Here are a few thoughts after about 8 episodes of this MTV drama that runs about 45 minutes per episode.

Firstly, a brief note about the story's background. Basically, the story runs around the lives of a group of 20-somethings who think that after graduation, wow, I'm gonna be someone amazing! Fast forward a year later, they end up very much like a lot of graduates out there - scraping by with starter jobs, internships and part-time jobs. One aspires to be a writer but works in a donut shop (Michelle Ang), another wants to be a top model (Diego Boneta) but gets underwear gigs for older ladies, another writes songs but gets waylaid in the process (Inbar Lavi), another is forced to grow up and get a desk job (Jared Kusniz) while another is stuck as an intern in an advertising company (Sarah Habel).

While looking up the show, I discovered that Michelle Ang's parents were Malaysian. Awesome! Her character is a bit confused but never boring. Sarah Habel and Diego Boneta are fabulous and they have a Robin-Barney, Jess-Nick thing going on (OTP alert!). The characters that grate on my nerves are the indecisive couple, Raviva and Lou! Anyway I don't know if I will be watching this show as I don't really love it yet, not even after 8 episodes. For me, I would rather watch a 25-minute episode of New Girl! ^__^

Character solo shots are posted below.

Diego Boneta as Miles
Inbar Lavi as Raviva
Michelle Ang as Sophia
Jared Kusnitz as Lou
Sarah Habel as Daphne
One thing that they actually do right in this show is portray the friendship between these bunch of friends! :)
This is just my own opinion of the show. You are very welcome to form your own opinion and I tried not to give away major plot points in this rather short review.


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