Saturday, February 09, 2013

Celebrity Spotlight: Natassia Malthe

Stumbled on this actress in a list of celebrities with different multi-ethnicities on IMDB. What actually drew my attention was that she was half-Malaysian! Her mother is from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Just another gorgeous and talented lady from the Land Below The Wind. (e.g. Daphne Iking, Mia Palencia, Nikki Palikat, Che'nelle, Stacy, Marsha, Linda, Joanna Rampas, Chloe Majimbon etc.)

Natassia Malthe, is a Norwegian model/actress and she is 39 years old (birth year 1974)! She is probably more famous for her lip-lock in Elektra with Jennifer Garner. I'm not sure if anyone remembers but there used to be trailers for a non-existent TV show called Scarlet which was actually an ad for LG television sets in 2008. I remembered it because it annoyed the heck outta me because I wanted to watch that 'show'! Well, she was actually the kick-ass lady running away from assassins and explosions in that one. Her filmography is mostly filled with a lot of TV shows and movies in the sci-fi genre. 

Of course she's not as famous as Datuk Michelle Yeoh, who is the pride of Malaysia. But it's always nice to know these things. All the best for her career! 

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