Sunday, February 03, 2013

Drama Crack: Flower Boy Next Door [TVN]

 Mondays and Tuesdays just got terribly exciting! I started watching the first few episodes and that time I still could wait patiently for subs. After a few episodes, I started reading recaps and raws. By episode 7 & 8, I was waiting for live recaps on kdrama forums. Okay, I am that ballistic about this TVN drama. And guess what tomorrow is Monday!

This drama just hits all the right notes with me so far! It has a lovely music score and even though it's not a huge production but the people are relatable (is that a real word?), even if they are a little over the top! I especially like the song that Park Shin Hye sings (it sounds like her voice) in Episodes 3 and 7 but it hasn't been released yet. TVN just keeps producing a lot of dramas that are right up my street these days, what with Reply 1997 and I Need Romance 2.

Fo shizzle!
My favorite characters have got to be Enrique Geum, Go Dok Mi and Oh Jin Rak. I secretly love Do Hwi too because that woman is hilarious! Even if she was a bitch in school in the past, I believe that if two people used to be best friends in the past, a small part of that former person will still remain. People change but not that much. Speaking from personal experience I guess, but friendships can be mended.

The sleepless editor!
 Dong Hoon has excellent comedic timing and his bro-ness with Jin Rak is amusing to watch. I also love the sleepless editor! Sometimes, looking at the way she is completely invested in the webtoon Jin Rak is producing, I can relate especially with the way I feel about this drama. :-P Seo Young seems like a plot device here and someone who is used for Product Placement fillers. Winter jackets, TVs and shoes anyone? So far, the Japanese guy is just someone who smiles a lot and Tae Joon is a tall, gorgeous statue and under-utilized! Apparently in the real webtoon, he had a larger character arc.

Jin Rak discovering he had his confession post-it stuck on his bum the whole time
Dong Hoon's idea of 'modeling'

This post is probably just an excellent excuse to post adorable pictures of the cast! :)

BTS and Promo Pics


Jin Rak/Jae Won
Tae Joon
Seo Young                  


Dok Mi in the webtoon

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