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Variety: We Got Married Global Edition

Variety programs are fun! None as entertaining recently as We Got Married (Global Edition). I do love an episode of Running Man and 2 Days 1 Night from time to time but I find that the one I can't bear to miss every week is WGM! The Korean version never really interested me except when they had superstar couples like the Adam's couple (Jo-kwon/Ga-in), Lee Jang-woo/T-ara's Eun-jung, Lee Teuk/Kang So-ra, Jung Yong-hwa/Seo-hyun and Nichkun/Victoria.

What kind of show is We Got Married you might ask? This might come across as pretty cheesy, I couldn't wrap my head around the concept either circa the pilot season with Alex & Shin Ae. The show pairs up Korean celebrities and shows them a bit of what married life is like.Each week the couple is given missions to complete and you get to see them in candid interviews, talking about feelings.

One might argue that Nichkun and Victoria were probably the first ever global edition couple since they are Thai and Chinese respect…

Good Reads: Warm Bodies

I'm in a rush so as much as I would like to do a long and detailed review on this book, I don't have the time to dissect it piece by piece and I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone who has not read the book or watched the movie. Besides, there's plenty of reviews to be found online and the testimonial alone on the book cover should be enough to inspire you to read it. It's not even a thick book, a few hours should do the trick but I like to make the story last longer by reading it slowwwly.

Tapped as the zombie version of Twilight, this book is more than that and there's a lot of heart beneath the grimy mess of brains and rotting flesh. Both movie and book have their own appeal, the plots differ slightly but in the end, are basically the same. The movie's plot is somewhat watered down for its mostly young audience but both main leads did a terrific job! If you're debating whether to watch The Host or Warm Bodies first, I would say Warm Bodies. It'…

Music Time: Akdong Musician - I Love You

Was initially planning on tacking this music post to any of my other blogposts but decided that Akdong Musician needs a post to themselves! These charming siblings that won Kpop Star this year have come out with their first music video, starring Lee Hyun Woo (highly approve their choice in actor!). I Love You is also the soundtrack to Lee Min Jung's political drama, All About My Romance. You can watch the MV below. Enjoy! :)

(Upcoming Drama) Dating Agency: Cyrano

I did wonder if Soo Young (SNSD) has that something that Park Shin Hye seems to have. Like they must have saved their nation in their past life because they seem to work with a lot of my favorite actors! Then I remembered that Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Chun Hee are both well and truly married. Family men at that too. It only makes me feel a little better though. And I would murder for her dress in the picture above. Except that it would look a little ridiculous on me so maybe I would just stare longingly at it on a clothes hanger.

TVN has been having a winning streak with romcoms lately. All kinds of fuzzies happen! Particularly loved I Need Romance 2 and Flower Boy Next Door. Dating Agency: Cyrano starts airing end of this month! I think I might be tuning in! :D