Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Variety: We Got Married Global Edition

 Variety programs are fun! None as entertaining recently as We Got Married (Global Edition). I do love an episode of Running Man and 2 Days 1 Night from time to time but I find that the one I can't bear to miss every week is WGM! The Korean version never really interested me except when they had superstar couples like the Adam's couple (Jo-kwon/Ga-in), Lee Jang-woo/T-ara's Eun-jung, Lee Teuk/Kang So-ra, Jung Yong-hwa/Seo-hyun and Nichkun/Victoria.

What kind of show is We Got Married you might ask? This might come across as pretty cheesy, I couldn't wrap my head around the concept either circa the pilot season with Alex & Shin Ae. The show pairs up Korean celebrities and shows them a bit of what married life is like.Each week the couple is given missions to complete and you get to see them in candid interviews, talking about feelings.

One might argue that Nichkun and Victoria were probably the first ever global edition couple since they are Thai and Chinese respectively. Producers paid attention when they turned out to be one of the most popular couples. In the current show, we have Fujii Mina (most popular for her appearance in a TVXQ music back when they were still relevant) paired with FT Island's Hong Ki and 2PM's Taecyeon paired up with Taiwanese star Gui Gui.

The show is amusing so far with Hong Ki and Fujii Mina always being really shy and sweet with each other. I had a few laugh-out-loud moments with Taec/Gui Gui because that woman is hilarious and Taec somehow puts up with it. It's something you have to watch to really understand. At first I thought the couples look mismatched somehow during the press conference.

Catch it on ONE HD every Friday at 7.45pm. They usually show last week's episode first and the current week's episode later. If you don't have Astro's Beyond HD, their official Youtube channel also airs clips of each episode. Mind you, these are edited and shortened, sadly.  

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