Sunday, September 15, 2013

Crayon Pop's Addictive Beatz!

As baffled as I was by Crayon Pop's skyrocketing popularity in South Korea after watching one performance video of theirs on stage, I must admit that this dance cover by some of the uniformed bodies of South Korea's most courageous was hilarious! The campy dance moves to the incessant "Bar, bar, bar~" lyrics just took the cake for me and hit a home run with it.

I dare you to watch this without smiling! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Haruma Miura & Sato Takeru at SWV, Mabul in Sabah!

So apparently HARUMA-freaking-MIURA (Bloody Monday, Koizora) and SATO TAKERU (Beck, Rurouni Kenshin) was at Sipadan Water Village, Mabul in Sabah to promote a Japanese tour agency or something. Before anyone's ovaries explode, this was back in April 2011, 2 years ago. Now I wish I went to Mabul a whole year earlier, but I was doing my big climb up in Mount Kinabalu around that time.

So I just have these pictures to tide me over. I'm hoping that if they ever do come back again, it will be on Sabah's West Coast this time. Preferably Tunku Abdul Rahman Park. *prays to drama gods*

Mabul is a gorgeous place to snorkel and dive but some of the backpackers need to manage their wastewater and drainage systems better. I wished I could dive some more at Sipadan while I was there. Only did one day's worth of dives, not nearly enough! And my heart broke a little when I left, it was just that beautiful.

Photo credit: Akira

September Quickie

September already! Seems like I've been busy/asleep/a walking zombie these past 2 months after I finished watching Game of Thrones. On the TV side of things, I've picked up the sitcoms Men At Work, Big Bang Theory (yes, I've fallen into the Sheldon trap!) and 2 Broke Girls. All of them have strong friendship themes, not so dissimilar from Japanese slice-of-life dramas. Though nothing is quite like American humor. With New Girl season 3 starting this week I'll be sinking my teeth into more yummy goodness!

As for the drama front, I haven't been watching any new ones since Dramacrazy went down. (Dramafever sucks.) Though I have been keeping up with recaps for The Master's Sun, Who Are You and Good Doctor. (BTW, what is with all the ghost-themed dramas? I have a hard enough time sleeping after reading a recap, much less watching it.) Dating Agency: Cyrano was the last drama I finished, which was so-so but had really lovable characters. I am still in the middle of watching some slightly older dramas, Padam Padam and I Need Romance (finished the 2nd season which was lovely, only getting to the first now).

I also have this little Japanese drama which I'm praying is watchable - Boku To Star No 99 Nichi. Though anything with Kim Tae Hee is NOT promising! It does however have Nishijima Hidetoshi, who was absolutely spellbinding in Sayonara Itsuka which had some truly memorable lines. The movie itself (Sayonara Itsuka) was bittersweet and for some, might require a degree of patience.

Some of its more memorable lines by the lead actress:

"To live is to be ready to say goodbye,

For loneliness is a friend who will not betray.
Shiver not in the pouring love, instead buy an umbrella.
Believe not in happiness,
even in the passions of love…
Confess not your love,
even if you would die for it.
For love is like a season;
It comes and goes to decorate life’s boredom.
The moment you call it Love,
it melts away like an ice sculpture…
Goodbye, Someday.
Happiness lasts not forever;
as despair lasts not forever.
One day you will need to say ‘goodbye’,
Just like how you said ‘hello.’
At death,
some look back on being loved;
while some look back on having loved…
I shall look back on having loved…"

Sappy stuff but for some reason I was transfixed. Maybe because the scenery and art direction was just. So. Pretty! Highly recommended for a slow-burning romance that spans for a number of years. I really wish I had the time to do a proper review for this! Alas.